Friday 27 January 2012

It's Friday!

Yesterday I just managed to take this photo and capture the sunshine streaming through the sitting room window - a truly lovely sight in this grey, dull, damp Winter we seem to be having.
It has seemed a long week and if truth be told a long Winter. I know we haven't had the snow and the cold but it does seem to be dragging on.

I have powered on this week, through the post show orders. I have managed to get all orders made up and sent out, that were placed before the show. All orders placed at the show by existing customers are done and I have even completed pro-forma orders that have made payment and these too, are packed and ready to go. This sight has greeted our courier every day since we returned from the show last week. He LOVES me!

We still have a pile of pro-forma invoices ready, awaiting payment so have something to keep me busy next week.

And we are still getting daily enquiries and orders from people that saw us at the show or have seen our advert in Gift Focus Trade Magazine, so all in all business is good. I feel a little exhausted as have not really stopped and having had poorly children in the mix , am feeling a little jaded.

So today, as it's Friday, I'm spending the day at home, catching up on all the little things that get neglected, forgotten, put on the back burner. I had a little wander around the garden and embraced the few hints that Spring is just around the corner, which lifted my spirits no end.

I also treated myself to my first daffodils of the year - a lovely fresh sight.
I better get on with all those little jobs that won't do themselves, so it only leaves me to wish you all a lovely weekend.


Nic said...

So glad you said that; I have had enough of winter this year and I don't feel like we have had a proper winter; we have cold for a few weeks then it warms up and I think it will end then its all back again. Enough please winter!!

Erica at Sew So Crafty said...

Just bought the February copy of the "Ideal Home" where your lovely home was featured! Congrats BTW!!! Also just love your mugs ... sigh ... you are sooo creative! (wishes to self that some of that can rub off)!