Friday 20 January 2012

Back with a bump!

Since our return late Tuesday night, we have not stopped! Our 9 year old has kept me company, as he has been off school poorly with a cough and snuffly nose, so I haven't done quite as much as I would like.

It did take all morning yesterday for 2 of us to pack up the above boxes - samples heading out to our new agents. Every product we make is in those boxes and they are sooooo very heavy!

Today I have been catching up with orders placed before the show!

Jeff is doing invoices in the evenings when he gets home from work - all the pro-forma invoices have been sent out, all existing customer invoices will be finished over the weekend. Which means Monday, is serious 'Making up Orders' Day!

We have a good amount of stock prepped but have realised that this is a never ending process - we think we are doing okay and have loads of stock made up, then get a wave of orders and have to start all over again!

This is this mornings effort heading out to various shops in the UK - I'm now at home sifting through emails, phone calls and giving my boy some much needed sofa time! Think I might go and join him with a coffee before we head off to collect his sister from school.

Have a lovely weekend.


Jenny at Red House said...

Well done you! don't forget a bit of me time to catch your breath jennyx

Nic said...

Aww I'm so glad it is going so well for you!! If I lived closer I'd come over ad give you a hand!! Get well soon for the little man too. xx