Wednesday 15 February 2012


We are nearly ready to 'go live' with our new mugs over on our website but before we do, I thought I would do a little giveaway. All you have to do to enter, is tell me your top 3 mugs designs - the 1st being your absolute favourite and the one you will get, if you are the lucky winner.

So it's easy - all you have to do is leave a comment and list your 3 favourites, numbered 1-3.

* 1-Pink Flower * 2-Coffee& Cake * 3-Lovebirds * 4-Blue Star *
* 5-LOVE * 6-Apple * 7-Star * 8-Red Spot * 9-Camper *
* 10-Doodle Bird * 11-Twitter *

* 12-Heart * 13-Pear * 14-Blue Spot * 15-Time for Tea *
*16-Cupcake * 17-Hen * 18-Boats * 19-Red Star * 20-DAD *
* 21-Hen Peck * 22-HOME * 23-Beach Huts * 24-MUM *

I look forward to seeing which mug designs you like - all you have to do to enter, is be a follower here on the blog, leave your top 3 choices via the comments below and I will randomly pick a winner maybe 2 if a number of comments are left. Remember your number 1 choice is the mug you will get if you are the lucky winner.

Good Luck!


Rebecca Furlong said...

My little boy would love 18, so I'd have to put this as my favourite, I also love 23 and 6, but they are all lovely really, best of luck with your new project Becky, I've been following your blog - very inspiring...I'm about to take the plunge and set up on my own too!

Polkadot Pumpkin said...

Beautiful mugs. I think my faves have to be 3, 5 and 21 x

Rachel Tomkow said...

1 - Twitter
2 - Beach Hut
3 - Camper Van

Fab designs and great inspiration!

Anonymous said...

9, 5, 12

Maggie said...

no 12, no 18, and no 9 - but they are all really gorgeous, and would be happy to have any of them with a cup of morning coffee in xx

gavandlou said...

Gawjus stuff... I love love 3...9...& 11

Chepcher Jones said...

I live on an Island so my fav are:
7 - I love stars
23 - blue and home
18 - blue

but in fact love them all!

fcm025 said...

Hello there :0 As you already know, I'm a huge fan of all-things Dots and Spots....and I'm excited about the mugs! I do really like all of them but I'd like number 15, 'time for tea' as I only drink tea, not coffee :) I also love number 18 - 'boats', and number 23, 'beach huts'. All the best on the website when these go live! xx

Anonymous said...

Gosh, they are all lovely! Such a clever talented lady.
I really love no. 15 - me being a tea lover! And no. 17 with the hen is quite sweet and the apple on no.6 is gorgeous. So many to choose from!

NessWilliams said...

I'm going to go for 22, 15 & 21. I love them all, my kitchen is red and white spots so lots of them would match perfectly. Love all your beautiful things xxx

Anonymous said...

5, 10 and 8 but really love them all. Took a while to decide x

Country Rabbit said...

22- Absolutely lovely! worth any tea sipping!..12- just loving! and 6-joyful!...really wonderful designs!- bet they will sell very well ;0)x
kazzy x

Susiq said...

only 3? ....

1 Time for tea

2 Beach Hut

3 Hen Peck

Such great designs and great blog!

nayworthcottagecrafts said...

I love numbers 5, 15, 22 but they are all lovely :0) x

Emma Digennaro said...

oooooh what a lovely give-a-way!
it was a difficult decision and to be honest would love one of each mug but as you have forced me, i have to say that, 10, 16 & 23 are my favs.
Its an amazing new range to add to your ever growing collection, well done! oh and thank you
emma x

Becky said...

My top 3 are: 3, 22, 23. Mainly because I love red and spots (and cupcakes) :D

millieviolet said...

Hard to choose but my favourites are: 22,15 and 23 xx

Monica said...

My favourites are: 6, 15, 22. #15 is absolutely adorable though they are all so much fun! Really like your work!

Maria Marston said...

Wow they're all gorgeous but I must say I very much like 9, 12 and 22! so hard to choose though. :)

Catrin Pritchard said...

I love them all but my favourites are 12, 3 and 22.

VintageBubbles said...

Love poka dots so my 1st would be red dots, 2nd blue dots and cant go past a combie van so 3rd would be the camping one.
Such a great collection well done

koolbadges said...

Oh my! What a cute range. My 3 faves have to be

2. Red Star
3. Heart

Queen Bee said...

Well they are all beautiful but if you make me choose it will have to be 15 , 21 and 23! Got the kettle on ready!!!

Fay's Studio said...

I love them all! My favourite is No.22 Home, because this year I will finally be moving out of Mum and Dad's house and into my own place with my boyfriend Adam. I will be working from home with my second favourite No.15 Time For Tea because I do love a cuppa and by then Adam will be a qualified teacher and need a mug for the staffroom my 3rd favourite No.6 Apple.

Claudia said...

Very nice!
2 10 16

Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

Oh my goodness - it's so hard to pick, they are all so lovely! But here goes...

1. Doodle Bird (10)
2. LOVE (5)
3. Pink flower (1)

Keeping my fingers crossed!!
Thanks for the chance!
Maria x

Emma said...

Love them all, if I had to choose, my favourites would be 21. Hen peck, 12. Heart & 19 Red Star x

Unknown said...

Lovely Mugs =]!
Hard to pick but my favs are:


=] x

Ingrid said...

Ahhhh! This is so great, I love ALL of these mugs... But if I have to make a choice I think (very difficult...) I choose 21, 15 and 17. Thank you so much for this chance to win, very sweet of you!
Hugs Ing

Helen Lay said...

My top three are:

23 - Beach Huts
5 - Love
15 - Time for Tea

Such a lovely collection - well done Becky.

Anonymous said...

Oh Becky how does a girl choose?! Especially having ever such a slight obsession with mugs.... your designs are beautiful! Anyway, I've made my choice (finally!) So here we have it - 15, 10 & 22!:o) xx

Beth said...

Ooh how exciting! My faves would have to be 1 - 4-Blue Star, 2 - 12-Heart then 3 - 9-Red Spot! They're all fab though, thanks for the chance to win! :-)

Love Beth xx

ClareG said...

Beautiful.. My fav's are 2, 15 and 24 so hard to choose xx

artworkbyangie said...

Oooh this is very hard to decide because they're all so lovely and beautifully designed - I really like the way you've considered how the designs wrap around the mugs, nice work!

My favs are:
6. Apple
21. Hen Peck
22. Home

I hope these all sell like hot cakes for you - I'm sure they will :-)

Sally said...

So many lovely designs to choose from, but my favourites are

1. Home
2. Hen pecked and 3. Camper van

But I love them all!

Sally xox

The Barnards said...

OK, here goes, very hard to make a decision here!!
9 - Camper - because we have a campervan and would look splendid on the table in the camper while we have our breaks, 15 - Time for Tea - because we all love a cuppa tea and lastly, 23 Beach Huts because if I had plenty of money, I would buy a beach hut at Lyme Regis or somewhere just as lovely and have it all done out with the dots and spots range!! but, like I said, how do you pick a fav when they are all so simply stunning. Well done Becky x x x

madina said...

my husband has lost his 2 dad mugs so definitely number 20. we never have a mum cup so number 24 and to match my red shiny tiles and tea sugar jars number 19 .....beauitiful choice something for everyone

Ramona said...

Your mugs are so beutiful!! My favourite is nr. 22 HOME, I also love nr. 24 MUM and nr. 20 DAD. Thanks and love *

Lottas Hus said...

My faves are Number 15 , 23 and 16 ....they are so cute!!

Unknown said...

Can I not like them all!! and I would collect them all.
Ok my choice to start
Red Spot
Blue spot
red star

Tania said...

This is hard! I love them all. Absolutely gorgeous!!! If I must only choose three than my choice is:
9- camper
13- pear
22- home

Wishing you best of luck with your new designs.

Melly Kitch said...

2 10 and 16 but they are all so pretty xx

Anonymous said...

OOO I LOVE THEM! BOOTIFUL! It's so hard to pick but my absolute FAVE has to be number 9, then 15, then 6!


Elli Moody said...

They all look fab, but my favourites are: 8 - red Spot, 22 - Home and 4 - blue star :)

Nicola McHugh said...


Great collection!

The undomesticated scientist said...

fav is number 17, closely followed by 10 and bring up the rear, number 23. not sure if that sounded like the comentary for a horse race or an order at the chinese!

Stripes and Stars said...

9, 15, 21. Although I love them all. Took awhile to choose these 3. Amanda....x

Bohemian Gypsy said...

10, 9 and 18 rock my boat so they get my vote xx

JhOBbyes said...

I discovered this wonderful world with dots and spots... I will not leave you anymore!
However, i like me these cups:
n°17 - Hen
n°3 - Lovebirds
n°22 - home
Kiss, JhOBbyes

Lauren Long said...


They are all lovely though!

Decofloral said...

Hello, my favourites are:
1. 2 Coffee and Cake
2. 3 Love Birds
3. 24 Mum

Beautiful Designs!!!
GGLG Astrid

Oscar said...

They are all fab, so hard to choose favourite 3 but....

1 - 15 Time for Tea
2 - 21 Super Mum
3 - 16 Cupcake


Michelle said...

What fantastic Designs

My choices would be

1 - 10-Doodle Bird
2 - 22-HOME
3 - 12-Heart

Fingers crossed x

Anonymous said...

1: 2-Coffe&Cake
2: 16-Cupcake
3: 10-Doodle Bird

Mrs Bav said...

15,9 and 7 took me ages to decide they are all such great designs.

Nix said...

I love them all! My favourites are:
Camper Van
Hen Peck

Sarahwebbo said...

I love these Mugs...Love 1, 9 and 10. My parents love the camper van one esp!!

Lauralou_m said...

Wow, just came across this page today, and its soooo lovely. Right up my street. I absolutely love them all so picking three is difficult.
1 - 5
2- 22
3 - 2

Pretty Chic said...

Scrummy mugs Becky! Top three are 15, 22 and 23 - a cuppa tea, my home and my beach hut - three of my favourite things!

Roobarb said...

Oh Becky what a lovely giveaway!
Such a hard decision I would say my favourite is 18 then 4 and 9
Love Sarah

Unknown said...

Grand giveaway.

My favourites are:

1. Number 10 - Doodle Bird

2. Number 16 - Cupcake

3. Number 18 - Boats

Fingers and toes crossed! Sue x

Kate Smith said...

I would like a cup of tea in 10,21 or 14-lovely designs! :)

Emele said...

Difficult to choose just 3 but....

1. No 9 because I drreaaam about having a campervan one day!

2. No 11 - I tweet!

3. No 17 because it's cute!!

Federica said...

I probably spent 20 minutes looking and thinking, looking and thinking, looking and thinking ^_^ they are all so gorgeous!!!
Thank you so much for this opportunity!
my favourites are:



Sentimentally Me said...




BUT I love love LOVE them all!

Thank you for opening this up, much appreciated!

L x said...

Not easy at all - your mugs are all fab.
5 / 22/ 23

KC'sCourt! said...

They are gorgeous
I love 18 Boats, 15 Time for Tea and 21Hen Peck
Julie xxxxxxxx

spikey said...

Beautiful mugs. I think my favourites are 10, 9 and 12!

Helen Harkawenko said...

My favourite mug is definately number 23, with number 21 a (very) close second, and number 22 is my number three. Although they are all lovely and I would love to win them all :) Helen x

caroline • little paper gallery said...

Hi Becky, crikey you made it hard but if I had to choose I'd go for
4-Blue star

Already subscribe to your feed through google reader x

Anonymous said...

I love them all but if pushed it would have to be 5, 8 & 22.
As I LOVE the DOTS & SPOTS mugs and would love these three in my HOME!!

Jo Jenner

Gill said...

I love them all but my favourites would be 17, 11 and 21 - can you see a bit of a theme going here!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, so many beautiful designs... but I think if I had to choose

1 heart mug (12)
2 apple mug (6)
3 Home (22)

All gorgeous though xx

Caroline said...

Can't wait to get one of these mugs... hope I win one!
2- Heart
3- Hen peck
Saw your lovely cards at Horseworld today x

susan said...

They are all lovely! But if I had to choose my favourites are
1. Love birds
2. Hen
3. Beach hut

Jane Willis said...

They look fantastic all together like that! My favourites are

Deanne said...

what a fabulous giveaway :)
my most favvo mugs are
11 . 14 . 21


noodleBubble said...

3, 6, 12- VERY difficult to choose though lady. fab fab fab!

Also not sure your follow button is working up top!

Kisses X

Helen said...

Difficult to choose as they're all lovely, but if I must...

10 Doodle Bird
18 Boats
23 Beach huts

Limezest Jewellery said...

may fav 3 are..
1)10 doodle bird
2)21 Hen peck
3)6 apple

but they are all lovely!!

Emma Shilton said...

This mugs are fabulous!
My top 3 are 1) Doodlebird 2) Beach Huts 3) Red Stars
Can't wait to buy a couple :)


Penny said...

So hard to choose as they're all gorgeous but I plump for 11,21 and 10

Penny x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Becky
All of them are gorgeous but my favourites are: 12, 18, 23
Thank you! xx

Fotf said...

Wow it's hard to choose a favourite but Doodle Bird and Home would have to be mine :)

Joy said...

Favs 16 18 23
However I do love them all!

Single Married Mummy said...

Jusy choose your top three she says all simple like!!!! So three hours later and much tooing and froing to the computer I have made a desicion - no still choosing, no done it but.....................
Okay, okay clever lady I lurrrrrrrrve:
Number 12 - its always about the hearts over here (lus love coffee, tea and cake) which leads me to
NUmber15 and 16 which are the tea and cake!
Perfect - they are just gorgeous and will be a rip roaring hit!
Lisa (Out of Love) XX

Unknown said...

They are all lovely but I have to choose the hen ones first.
1. 17
2. 21
3. 10
Very difficult, wouldn't mind any of them!

giovanna said...

beautiful mugs,I like 10,22,23 but they are alls very very beautifuls!

Nic said...

My favs are 15, 18 and 17. They are all fab designs though!! I can see me getting a few of these to add to my rather vast mug collection ;)

Cassiefairy said...

I'd love 21 or 17 for my mum because she has recently retired and become a hen fancier - her new hobby are the 7 tiny bantams she has adopted!
And for myself I would definitely choose number 7 with the star on, what a beautiful, simple design and gorgeous shade of blue!
I've also followed you on twitter and 'liked' you on Facebook! I hope this competition goes well for u, I will RT it now!
@CassiefairyTutu xxx

Mouse said...

Great mugs , thank you for the giveaway, my favs are: 23, 22, 10. x

Unknown said...

My absolute favourite has to be the red apple as I have just started out in the crafting world calling myself red apple tree!
It goes without saying that along with coffee comes cake.
Lastly, time for tea is always a good reminder!

Great giveaway,thanks for the chance.

Karen x

AnnaD said...

Can't believe how long it's taken me to decide... I love them all but these are my favourites:

I will drop a (not so subtle) hint for the husband of what I'd like for mother's day :)

Chandlers Candles said...

2 - Coffee & Cake
22- Home
23 - Beech Huts

But they are all great and I would happily give them all a home!
Sue x

Caroline said...

Favourites are 4, 14,19 but I love them all!!

Perky said...

6, 12, and 8 are my faves - that was really hard! They're all fab xx

Debbie said...

I love all the designs but my faves are 1, 10 and 21!

Debbie x

Emma Loves Stitching said...

1. Time for tea
2. Hen
3. Beach huts

Love all the designs x

Vicki Jordan =) said...

I must say ..... they are all so gorgeous!!!!! You are so talented. My favourites must be:
1. Pear (13)
2. Hen (17)
3. Hen Peck (21)

Lou said...

They are sooooo gorgeous - I may have to have em all!!!
1. Beach hut
2. Camper
3. Home

Claire said...

Absolutely gorgeous designs Becky and so hard to choose!

21- Hen Peck
8- Red Spot
13- Pear

LOVING your new apple and pear designs x

sharon said...

Love ALL of them but if I have to choose, my favourites are:
21 - hen peck
3 - love birds
12 - heart

So happy for you Mrs. Peacock!

HeartfeltHandmade said...

12, 22, 8 ! But to be honest I love them all :)

Judith said...

Hello Becky,
This is so sweet of you, thank you for the chance to win! I love them all, but my boys helped me to choose:
1. 10
2. 22
3. 23
Thank you again.
Have a nice evening,
greetings Judith

Tracey said...

Wow, Look at all these people so eager to win a beautiful mug, they look wonderful.
My favorites would be
1. no 6 Apple
2. no 10 Birdie
3. no 23 Beach hut

Good luck with the launch.

Pixiedust said...

OOOHHH I love them all, but if I have to pick it would be no 9, 15 and 23. xxxx Pixie xxxx

edie sloane said...

My fav is No 22 Home, followed by 6 Apple and then 3 Lovebirds. Love that hanging on the washing line style. Although truth be told they are all beautiful.

Samantha said...

Oooh I love these!!!
My favourite-favourite one is number 10, its so pretty and I'd love to own it :)
Second favourite: 5
Third favourite: 22


Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway!
My favourites, in order, are 10, 5 and 1 :D

Gilly Tee said...

No 23, no's 9 and 10 have to be my favourite 3.

Chloe Mabey said...

ooh I love them all but its 9, 14, 23 for me because they match my kitchen. They are absolutely gorgeous, all of them.

Thedarkerside73 said...

Love your gorgeous mugs.

My favourites are 21,12 and 9.

Good luck with your mug launch!


Emily said...

They're all lovely - clever you!
My favourites are: 7, 9 and 13.
Emily x

Susie A said...

I love 23 Beach Huts and think your designs are quite wonderful.. I did enjoy reading about you on Cheeky Pickle and thank you for the opportunity to enter your give away. SusieA in sunny Devon.

Susie A said...

OOPs! I forgot you said choose 3 so my other would be 22 and 15 but they are all fab!!

Kathy Andrews said...

SO hard to choose - they are all lovely!!

My favorites:
1 - Pink Flower
6 - Apple
5 - Love

Beautiful mugs! :o)

Sew,ray,me said...

I especially love 10, 5 and 16 :)

I so need to win a new (gorgeous) mug as I keep noticing chips on mine!

Thank you

Mathilde heart Manech said...

4,7 and 12 but they are all beautiful! Time to put that kettle on I think!

Just me, Leah said...

My favourites are
1. Red Star 18
2. Red Spot 8
3. Blue Star 4

I can see these making great gifts :)

Crafts @ Home said...

13, 9 and 12 but they are all beautiful :)

Bethanie Ruston said...

Number 3 – Having just celebrated Valentines this mug is currently right up my street! I love the idea of the birds wobbling on the washing line!
Number 9 – This reminds me of my surfer boyfriend and summer days in Cornwall … ahh .. One can only dream!!
Number 14 – Simple because I LOVE all things polka dot. I would live in a polka dot house if I could. I love pale polka dots best and this design is simply perfect!

Windmills and Snowflakes said...

They're all adorable! Lovely designs, I'm sure they will sell well. My favourite is #5, followed by #23 and #9. Good luck!

Unknown said...

They are FAB. I am all about the pear but they are all great!

1. 13 pear
2. 6 apple
3. 9 campervan

Thanks for the chance!

Designers Sketchbook said...

cool mugs! no:10 doodle birds is my fav. second no:23 beach huts, third fav no:5 love mug x

LITTLE KITTEN homemade said...

Love them all ( no surprise! ) but my favourite is 15-Time for Tea then 22-HOME then 23-Beach Huts

Everything is crossed at my end! xo

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ohh nearly missed this! Now that is a very hard choice as there are several I really really like.

1 Camper
2 Hen Peck
3 Lovebirds

But really I love a lot more than that.


home made gorgeous said...

Gorgeous mugs I love them all! But if I had to choose it would be 5,6 then 18, Sarah x

CarrotyCarrots said...

Your mugs are amazing! I have loved the Twitter one since I first saw it!

My favourties are:
11 - Twitter
3 - Lovebirds
21 - Hen Peck

KERRY said...

My fave are 22 And 24, though I would be so so happy with any.. X

Shelley Weeks said...

Wonderful designs! My faves would have to be -

1. 8
2. 12
3. 13


biroRobot said...

Congratulations Becky, these are fab !

7 - Star
19 - Red Star
11 - Twitter.

Best wishes,

Ellie x


Anonymous said...


1 - 16, Cupcake
2 - 23, Beach Huts
3 - 24, Mum

I have just started my own cupcake business, beach huts are the theme for the decor in my new holiday cottage and I am a new mummy!

Sorcery & Sparkle said...

They're all gorgeous, but as I have to choose, I'm going for 9, 23 and 22

Unknown said...

gosh, i love them all but my favorite three are..

12..heart flower

great blog,i love reading it, you are such an inspirational woman..

Helen (finishing touches too)

eleanor said...

Love them all but 2,3,16 my very favourite.The cupcake ones because I love making them for family and friends and the love birds well that's hubby and me.
All of your mugs would look great on my dresser,so much talent....

Mary Poppins said...

What a super giveaway, and good luck with the launch! I would have to say No 20 is my favourite and perfect for someone very special in my life. My next two favourites are 22 and 24 . Good luck everyone x

f0rdm0nde0st said...

21, 10 & 3 are my favourites but to be honest I'd be happy with any of them as they are all gorgeous!! Well done on these fab designs & on making it so difficult in picking out favourites!! xx

Vicky W said...

9,15 and 8..... Totallyspottiliciously good

Lisa said...

1- (9) camper van

2- (12) Heart

3- (21) Hen Peck

loved them all tho, very hard decision

GFee82 said...

Fab-u-lous designs!! Luv them all :)

My faves though have to be ...

22- home
21- hen peck
9- camper

thanks for the comp, good luck all

Glesni Owen said...

Waw...what a great giveaway!!!
1. apple no.6
2. pear no. 13

and when all the healthy eating fails I'll grab no. 16 as a 3rd choice...The Cupcake!!
I am not allowed to eat one at the moment ( slimming world ) so I'll take the alternative and drink out of one!!
Gorgeous mugs........would be happy to receive anyone of them!!
Good Luck with this new project!! x

SewCute_ByNicky said...

Wow! Another fab giveaway :)

My top 3 would be as follows:

1 - 6
2 - 22
3 - 5

Thank you! And all the best with the launch of the new mugs

Nicky x

Fleur Cotton said...

As a mum I've got to say no 24, as a lover of all things cakey no 16 would go down a treat with me and as a 'fleur' myself I have to choose flowery no 1. Good luck with your new mug venture - they are all lovely.

I've got my fingers crossed xx

Fleur xx

Andy said...

My favourites are 14, 13 & 12.
I love number 14 because I love all things dotty & spotty & also pale blue & white are my company colours so it would be perfect for morning tea break at my bench ! Number 13 is just a lovely pear Oo Err !! and who doesn't love a gorgeous heart on number 12.
I do actually love them all and think all of your products are AMAZING !! Will be purchasing some wide spotty blue and white tape soon too :o)

Sam said...

1 - Pear (I am Mrs Peartree!!)
2 - Lovebirds
3 - Camper

Stunning eye catching designs :o)

Lorna said...

My favourite are the
Lovebirds, the beach hut and the camper van. My favourite is the camper van
Lovely mugs

Twinkling Stars said...

I love them all......but i'd go for 9, followed by 12 and 23. Brilliant venture...good luck with them! x

sanelle said...

Love the new mugs!!! Mine will have to be 9+15+16!!!

Miciagolosa said...

1- 17
2- 21
3- 10
I love hens and chicks! But they're all gorgeous...

Giulia said...

VERY DIFFICULT choice!!!! Numbers 22, 5, 4.
Thank you!

Scatty said...

20, 24 and 15. Love them all as they are so striking but particularly these. Very proud to be parents to two toddler girls who require us to drink lots of tea and coffee to survive the days! Well done on the designs!

Jo + Adam said...

they are all beautiful but my fav's are 18, 21 and 15 :)

Emma Dewdrop Beads said...

My favourites in order are
22- Home
21- Hen peck
13- Pear

I would have included Mum (24) if it had been in a colour other than pink, e.g. red or green. I'm not a pink lover!

Absolutely stunning designs, wishing you the best of luck with the range. xx

Idiot-Proof Mum said...

Wow, such lovely mugs. I'd happily drink a cuppa out of any of them but my absolute fave is no.9 because camper vans are the cutest! Really love no's 22 & 23 as well though. Good luck with them, been a fan of your work since I discovered your cards at Horseworld! :-)

paulette24 said...

Love love love them all! These would look great on my dresser, but could I share them with my children? Maybe we need a children's range! There is a mug for every occasion! If I had to choose it would be camper 9 beach hut 23 home 22 x

KarenM211 said...

What beauties! Although it is nearly impossible to choose, I would say that my absolute favourites are, in order:


Lovely! You are very talented!


viclollipop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
viclollipop said...

1 - campervan - fab i'm using this design on my wedding invites!
2 - love birds - sooo cute, gave a card like this to my lurver!
3 - hearts - hearts, red and spotty what more do you need!
they are all fab i may need a dots and spots wedding list!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting us do this!
I like all the ones with Hens on at the moment 17,3 and 21 :)

Ryah said...

8, 14 and 21 are my favourites, although it is incredibly hard to choose! They're all beautiful :) i love cups & mugs. Fantastic Giveaway thank you

Maid of Kent said...

15 is so apt followed by 17 and 13. Think they would all bring a smile to anyones day :)

Caroline Tucker said...

Hello. I love 3, 6, 10,!

They are all lovely though. xxx

Unknown said...

16,17,13. They are so pretty. Perfect image for the company! May well have to purchase one if I don't win!!

Sarah said...

OMG they are fantabulous
my favs are 15, 10, 18 but they are all beautiful well done honey x

loubielou said...

All your products are beautiful, it so hard too choose and would be overjoyed receiving any.
Kepp up the fab work! x

Pickle Lily said...

Oh decisions, decisions .... I suppose it would be 15 first then 10 then 21, but I would love any of them really!
Jo x

Itsy Bitsy said...

10, 9 and 8 in that order too - but its such a shame i had to only pick 3 as all them look fandabbydozey - how talented are you. my sister recommended your FB page and now i have discovered your blog too - its gorgeous and well done you! x

Polly Dolly said...

Hi, they are all lovely but my choice would be 4, 14 and 12 xx

Sweet6785 said...

They are all beautiful but my favs are 22, 15 and 14

Twigs said...

They are all gorgeous but my favourite has to be 23 as I love beach huts, with 9 and 18 coming very close seconds due to my loves of camping/camper vans and being on the sea.

So glad business is going well - you are missed as a teacher!

Dee said...

23,22,15. Although they all loom stunning Dee x

Ruth's Personal Blog said...

They are all completely beautiful - you are very clever! I adore them all and would be over the moon to have any of them but 2, 3 and 15 are my favourites. I feel another purchace coming on!! x

Mailman said...

all the very best with your new range!
1) 9
2) 23
3) 10

BellaB x

Obbie Dobbie said...

3 - LOVE BIRDS... because Valentine's Day is also our wedding anniversary (36th).
17 - HEN... because I am a bit of an old hen as well.
22 - HOME... because home is where my heart is.
Your mugs are just georgeous. To have one of these on my desk all the way over here in Australia would be an honour and would brighten my day every time I used it.

Claire said...

Oh Blimey, How can I choose only 3?! Pear (13), teapot (15) and the flower (1). That was tricky!

SFleming said...

Fabulous mugs! My favourite is 15 - 'Time for Tea'as this is exactly what I think after teaching little ones all day! Then 12 - 'Heart' and 19 - 'Red Star'.
All great designs! Congratulations! Look forward to them going on sale!

Rachel Hawkins said...

1 - 10
2 - 17
3 - 15

gabrielle said...

Wowzers, so many entries, I don't stand a hope but I'm giving it a go anyway! The mugs look fantastic, you must be so pleased, Becky, very well done you! My favourites are 8, 9 and 13, quite tricky to narrow it down to three… Congrats again x

The Little Bird Press said...

I love them all, but if I had to choose, then it would be 21, 3 and 17. x

Shelley Barrett said...

Like you Becky I am mad for hearts, dots and spots and I have been following your blog and facebook pages for sometime now. Your work is so inspiring and unique.
1st choice has to be #12-heart,
2nd choice is #5-love
3rd choice is too difficult as your eye for beautiful design is A*! Ok it has to be #1-pink flower.
Good luck with your new project.
Best Wishes, Shelley

My life with MND said...

They are all lovely. My favourite of them all is 10 - doodle bird. Then 23 - beach huts and 18 - boats. They are really very pretty though. May have to purchase one for myself!

Nicky - Words On Plaques said...

Gorgeous mugs, l love them all lol!
The pink ones are my favourite - 5, 24, 10

Handmade By Button said...

16, 23 then 19... Unfortunately I would have chosen a button one as seen as I am obessed by buttons but....... my second favourite things are Cupcakes, nom nom nom :) Would go nicely with a cupcake in an afternoon snack :)

Stephanie - My Calico Heart said...

Wow, 1, 11, 15

Many thanks for the chance to win.

rosieseerosiedo said...

I'm no cockney but i do LOVE apples & pears! (6,12,13)
Love your stuff too... lovely lovely lovely x

Barbara said...

16, is my favourite - makes me want a cupcake with my coffee 'right now' but generally I prefer spotty patterns, why I came to dots and spots in the first place so 8 and 14 next.....Great designs, wish you lots of success with the mugs

Anonymous said...

23,18 and 21 are my faves. Actually love them all x

Ailey Mae said...

So difficult to choose my favourite, they are all so cute! It'll have to be 23, 18 and 1. Love them all!

Ailey Mae said...

haha, just noticed that I have written almost exactly the same thing as "magic" above me! Good taste Magic!

dots and spots said...

The mug giveaway is now CLOSED - A HUGE Thank You to all who have entered - I'm gobsmacked. My daughter Sophie is currently writing out all your names (her decision) and we will draw 2 winners later.