Tuesday 7 February 2012

Spring Flowers Wrapping Paper

As we are still experiencing chilly weather - too chilly for my liking, so I thought I would again, think ahead to Spring.

The collages above are the main component of my Spring Wrapping Paper design. As before, I work out my design by laying out the torn paper pieces, I then fix them into place......

.....ink them in and my bit is done. I then work with my printers on the layout, size, spacing and repeat of the design to create the finished paper.

I must say, it is proving very popular and only today have I sent out over 200 sheets of it to our trade customers. The reverse is the multi star design so extra choice - you can buy it from our website - just click on this link - Spring Wrap and scroll down the page. Fingers crossed this chilly weather moves on before too long, I need it warm up a little.