Friday, 3 February 2012


Today I got a parcel - I was waiting for it excitedly!

Inside was 'Donkey'

It was created by the very talented Shelagh - Flossie Limejuice

I fell in love with this gorgeous creation from the minute I saw it.

And now Evangaline has a companion.

I love every little detail.


So my fireplace is filling up with some of my favourite things Evangaline made by the talented Vanessa Cabban, Donkey made by the fabulous Flossie Limejuice, my fab bunting made by the gorgeous Gabs of Moobaacluck fame and last but not least my wreath (at the bottom of the shot) meant to be for Christmas but is now in place all year round, made by the lovely Rebecca at Edamay.

What a lucky girl I am!

Have a lovely weekend.


Unknown said...

What superb taste you have my dear :) Gabs x

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh he is gorgeous.
I too love your taste, it it wonderful
Julie xxxxxxx

Tracey said...

Hes gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Oh isn't he lovely! And i am please to see Evangeline has a friend :)

henny designs said...

Oh what a gorgeous zoo of animals you're aquiring!

Jennifer Lou said...

They are amazing, absolutely stunning fire place x

flossie limejuice said...

I love Evangeline, what a friend for Donkey !

Kandi said...

He is fabulous how clever!
(I did think you may want to remove your first photo giving both your and your senders full home address)
Kandi x

dots and spots said...

Photo removed - although my address is on our website but had missed my senders address was on there too - thanks for the prompt