Sunday 12 February 2012

Mug Shot!

I spent Saturday evening clearing my dresser.....

....of everything, in preparation for a photo shoot on Sunday.

Owen arrived, the dining table got pushed back to make way for all the equipment and

then Owen did his magic - taking photo's of the the 'MUGS'!

It was great to see the pictures pop up onto the laptop screen as they were being taken.

I think you'll agree, the final results are fabulous.
All that needs to be done now, is for Jeff to do the technical bit and get the images all loaded on to the website this week and then they will be ready to purchase.

And all that's left for me to do is, tidy up, get all the mugs bubble wrapped and into boxes ready for orders.

They are made of fine bone china by a company in Norfolk, UK.
They are 8.5cm high and 8cm diameter and will retail at £8.95 each


Unknown said...

Gorgeous mugs! I feel a purchase coming on! Sue x

KC'sCourt! said...

Wow! I love those mugs
Julie xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Wonderful mugs!
I love all!!

All things nice... said...

Wow they are so sweet :)

All things nice...

Judith said...

I'll add the mugs on my birthday-present-wish-list (-:
Love them!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

They are fabulous Becky and the pictures look awesome. Good luck with the sales I am sure they will fly out of the shop! x

LITTLE KITTEN homemade said...

Love them! Fabulous photo's xo