Monday 2 April 2012

A bit sooner than planned!

On Thursday about half an hour before tidying up, there was a knock on the wall, then another, then at the door and one of the workmen from my premises said he was coming to knock a wall down, when could he do it!?!

Basically once I'd mentioned to my landlord that I was in need of more space, more space has become available. One tenant moved out and the people next door to me in my old unit wanted more space - so they have moved across the hall, which has meant that my old unit next door was now available. It seemed sensible to knock through and utilise that space rather than move everything to a new unit on another floor.

The news certainly made Jeff's day - instead of moving, it's now a case of re-arranging! So just as we were packing up for a few days off we had to clear a space in prep for the workmen to knock through.

And 'VOILA' the wall was knocked through that same day and we have bigger premises!

This new space is ideal and will become the stock room as it arrives from the printers, manufacturers etc. It will also hold the main stock of packing materials, trade show stuff and no doubt a corner will hide some clutter from home.

The big room, our current space will now be the making up room - holding the items once cello'd and made up, ready to pick and pack for orders.

I am in no rush and can now re-organise everything as I go along in preparation for all the new products arriving in the summer. There will be more Ikea units and Big Dug shelving to make up so I have plenty of time to sweet talk my gorgeous hubby into psyching himself up to do that too!
I'm away for a few days, so I'm told when I get back the hole will be framed, painted and finished. I will put up a curtain to try and stop the draughts - it's an extremely cold building and we will be ready to re-organise.



Helen Rose Glass said...

Wow, expanding again :)
You are doing do well which is really inspiring to see

hello gorgeous said...

FABULOUS! and a lot less stress to boot! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

HWR Designs said...

You know you will end up with the whole building soon don't you? Room for that dotty sofa now.