Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Super Speedy Lorraine

I had to pop over to the printers today to get the papers for the swan, collect some packet tops, all nicely folded and punched and to collect the first set of Christmas cards.

When I arrived Lorraine was speedily folding and packing them into bundles.

Quite something, the speed at which works.

So here we are in April, a very soggy April to boot and I'm talking Christmas. Panic not, I'm just making up sample packs to send off to my agents in the next day or so but I really should start thinking about my ranges for 2013 pretty soon.


Christina said...

Ooohhhh, I'm a little bit obsessed with greetings cards so that would be one of my dream jobs! I'm loving the look of the Christmas pud card (my second obsession!)

Anthea said...

Lovely sneaky peek of your new Xmas cards Becky... :-)