Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A 'Gadget' Day out!

Today was spent very differently - the children and Jeff enjoy watching the Gadget Show on TV and they got tickets to 'Gadget Show Live' for Christmas. So today was the day we headed off to the NEC - I was very much a reluctant chaperon - not my cup of tea at all!

It was, as I had imagined, lots of standing around in queues waiting for our turn so the children could have a go of the next game or gadget.

They all enjoyed the robots and techno bits,

the giant zip wire and

the motorised scooters.

But the best bit was the 'Live Show' where the presenters from the TV show put on an hour long show. The children loved it, which was the important bit but as I said from the start, not my idea of a fun day out. I'm treating myself to a little retail therapy in Bath tomorrow - I'm meeting my sister for a child free shopping treat.

Much more my idea of fun!


Jennie Louise said...

Ohhh well done you for 'grinning and bearing' it. Its the queueing that would put me off. Hope the kiddies enjoyed anyway.
jennie. x

Unknown said...

YOu are very good going along... I think if that had been me I'd have let Jeff take them on his own ;)Enjoy tomorrow.
x Gabs

dots and spots said...

I wasn't going to go but Jeff was worried about how busy it would be with one of them getting lost. If they want to go again, I won't be joining them! LOL

Just me, Leah said...

I went on Wednesday. It was our second year of going. Much fun! Lots for little ones, as well as big kids ;)