Thursday, 19 April 2012


YIPPEE! At last, progress is being made on my beautiful swan. She has been with me now a few weeks and has done nothing more than just sit serenely over at the premises but today was prep day, in readiness for tomorrow - collaging day.

The challenge has been all about the paper! Cue my poor printers behind the scenes tearing their hair out to find me what I need. I needed paper that wouldn't fade in the sun, get damaged in the rain, would be thin enough to work with but durable outside in the sun and the rain for 3 months! This paper above is to represent St Andrews Press my Printers

and this paper above is to represent dots and spots.

As you can see, there are 3 sizes of dots and spots in all the above colours. This is just the first layer, next week I get the 'super stuff' - blue backed poster paper and very expensive it is too, hence this first layer to work out just how much I need.

Luckily today I had the lovely Rachel and Ashley to help me

tear all the paper into workable pieces.

I managed to reduce the above selection of papers to

this smaller collection which will ease the purse strings when I collage the final layer.

So to you it probably doesn't look like very much progress has been made but this afternoon I managed to sketch out and plan the whole design.

At the moment she just looks like a few patches of paper stuck on with blue-tac and I guess you wouldn't be far wrong , except for the fact that each square of paper, marks out how each section is to be collaged.

I have managed to combine all the sizes of spots and worked in all the colours too - I hope!

So tomorrow is collage day - when the fun starts.

We also found ourselves in the local paper - a good day!

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Enjoying seeing the different stages - looking forward to the next instalment!