Saturday 21 April 2012

My date with a swan!

 For the past 2 days, I have spent ALL my time over at the premises with my swan. I left you last time, with the above image of her all prepped ready to be collaged.

 This was the end of day one - significant progress - I'm not allowed to reveal the final design until the official launch happens at the end of May, so these are just a few 'teaser' shots to let you in on what I'm doing.

 I must confess I have loved it. When I was teaching I always planned 'BIG' projects and I've missed working on this sort of scale. I have had to spend half my time up a ladder to reach the inner sides of the swan and as a result ache all over but I'm happy with what I've done so far.

 These colours represent the colours used by St Andrews Press, not my normal colour palette but it does work with the whole design.

So today I completed the first layer. She now has to dry and then next weekend using special blue back poster paper, I do it all again! I'm not sure whether it will be easier or harder - the design is all marked out but I have to make sure it's perfect! I then have a week of daily varnish layers to paint on - a minimum of 6, before it heads back to the Swans Nest for photographing, before the grand launch and it's Summer home in the Market Place in Wells, Somerset. 

I now have to come up with a catchy 'Wow' name!?! 
Any suggestions?

Think - the Queen, Jubilee, 60 years, 60 swans, Union Jack
Think - spots, dots, paper, collage, polka dots
Think - Wells, Somerset

I will put any suggestions to the other Swan sponsors and if a name is suitable and chosen by the other sponsors, I will send a little dots and spots thank you.

My mind is blank - dots and spots is too obvious, it has to be reflective of the occasion, materials/design used or the place.



Anna said...

Wells Spotted? Hmm can't think of anything else!

Designers Sketchbook said...
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Designers Sketchbook said...

the polkadot queen!

Stripes and Stars said...

'Anyone spotted the Queen Swan' is my idea for your swan. She is going to look beautiful when she is finished.

Bonkers About Buttons said...

Wow! she looks fabulous! will think on...

Queen Bee said...

Where's Dotty? Can you spot Dotty? Where's somewhere on the big swan will be a little swan hidden !
Love it so far ....looks aMAZing! Xx

Pickle Lily said...

SWell Spotty!

Unknown said...

That's a tough call Becky.

Somerset, spotty, swan, super, ssss

I'm thinking some sort of aliteration

but how to feature JUbilee in there ?

Celebrate the Jubilee hunting for

Somerset's only Super Spotty Swan Sally

Is it a name or a phrase you need?