Sunday, 8 April 2012

DIY Bank Holiday Weekend

The minute we seem to have any spare time, I seem to fill it! Our latest project was to tackle the storage in my studio which has started to fill the kitchen too.

I try and keep a little something of all my dots and spots stuff over at the house so I can deal with web and NOTHS orders more efficiently. As the range has grown so the space has diminished and I am accumulating more and more boxes.

Everything has to be kept boxed as the sun fades everything - the whole thing has got to that point of complete annoyance, so we popped into Ikea on our return from our day trip to Birmingham last Friday (well it was on the way)

On Friday evening we cleared the space

and 'Voila', Jeff swore a little and I had a new cupboard. We choose a wardrobe, at maximum height and depth that we could get away with, in the space available.

It has sliding doors, another space saving idea.

The shelves are nice and deep and the internal drawers are fabulous - so much so that I am going to drag everyone one to Ikea on Wednesday - as it will be on our route home, to get 4 more.

The plan is to now change things around a little in the kitchen, utilising my new found space. If we can create a little usable space, we may take the house off the market for a year or so and make do. We have only had 4 viewings and recognise that the market is so very slow at the moment. I'm a strong believer in things happening for a reason - maybe it's just not our time to move yet!


joy said...

sorry to hear you haven't had many viewings, but agents I've spoken to over the past few days have said its suddenly started to go mad, more people house hunt in the spring than any other time, so you may yet get more viewings soon, but you are right, things happen for a reason. hope whatever you do it works out for the best, loving the new wardrobes, by the way, and where is the nearest IKEA?

Wendy said...

Wow. We have those wardrobes in our bedroom (different door) and I'm now looking at them in a different light. How many clothes do I *really* need (I spend my days splattered in paint anyway!)and what else could I store in them ;-)

Oh, and a house is never big enough!

Autumn Hathaway said...

Looks cute, like a bright cubby in a shop.

Bagladee said...

Wow it looks fantastic Becky! Great job Jeff :) even if you did swear a little the result was worth it.

Its not the easiest thing trying to sell your house, we are trying to sell ours at the moment and stressful is not the word. We too are wanting more space. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
xx said...

Am right with you on the things happen for a reason .... you may not know why now but you will.

Elizabeth Chiggs said...

I love the storage you have inside the wardrobes- I have the same wardrobe in the spare room/office to store a lot of Chiggs stuff, but just have Wheels and envelopes in big boxes on the shelves- the drawers are genius!

Unknown said...

Those wardrobes look really useful as well as good looking. You two are dynamos going off to IKEA after meeting Theo! As for the house thing - if you really want to sell I'd say hang on a bit as spring summer is definitely the time when more people buy houses.x to you both