Wednesday, 24 October 2012


On Monday I received a message via facebook from a dots and spots customer. She had found, whilst searching the web, our camper van image copied on to a vest top. We contacted the site it was listed on and the seller directly and still over 48 hours later have not heard back from either, which I feel is really poor show. 

I decided to write a comment on my facebook page earlier this morning tagging Etsy the site the item was listed with, asking how long it takes to receive a reply - still nothing but as a result of that comment, the offending item has been removed. All I wanted, was for this to happen but I also expected to hear from both Etsy or the seller. 

 Our camper van design is a best seller and thankfully a well recognised design. I am very thankful to the person who messaged me as I wouldn't have had any idea!

We had a similar incident in the summer - Sophie spotted a Union Jack design that looked just like mine. I replied that a union jack is such a popular image that it couldn't be a copy but when I looked in detail, all my original ink lines, tears and rips were there and the person just changed the patterns. We could place our image directly on top of the copy - carbon copy.

We got a swift response and the offending design was removed but it still doesn't make it all okay.
There is many a debate about copying and I guess it is out there and there probably to stay but we all need to remain vigilent and support each other.

So thank you to my very valued customers for making me aware and for taking the time to get in touch. It really is much appreciated.


joy said...

It's lucky that your designs are so instantly recognisable so they are quickly spotted (no pun intended :-) ), I'll bet there are loads of copies out there that don't get picked up. It's such a shame that some people just aren't bothered about using someone else's design without even asking. Shame on Etsy, though, they should have responded to your query.

Andrea said...

Hi Becky,
So sorry about the bout of copying you have been suffering with! it is terrible but as you say a constant problem. I had someone in my shop taking photographs of a new wedding invitation set I had done. I know full well that she will have something very like it on her site soon! even though I did ask kindly if she would not take a picture!
I also wanted to say how much I love your new advent calendar and wooden shapes. I do lots of different wooden shapes but cut them out and decorate myself, I know yours are going to be a great success.
Andrea x

KC'sCourt! said...

Sorry to hear about your problem. At least you were able to pick up on it quickly. I do agree you should had some kind of an explanation though.
Julie xxxxxxx

Country Rabbit said...

thats really not ok...i mean to be so obvious as well that its copied. i cannot believe that etsy did not think to contact you regarding the matter to offer at least some advice.
Its shocking on a hand made sellers site that some individuals are using none of their own skills but instead copying talented and skilled people like yourself...just shocking! and your right just because the evidence has been removed does Not mean its ok to be treated the way you have.

while at university my course work of illustrations was taken- it took me months of hard work and i do wonder where they ended up. Also a well known company sold my print designs but never paid for them!
there's some real rotters out there!

x Kazzy x said...

Goodness me that is so blatant. To not get any response from the seller just adds insult to injury and I guess they'll just go off and find someone else to copy. At least they were honest in their total rip off of your design and didn't try to hide it! Seriously though to profit from your hard work and talent is outrageous. Imagine you'll be keeping a close eye on Etsy from now on which is so sad as you simply shouldn't have to.

OhSoVintage said...

That's terrible but pleased you have now sorted it.