Saturday 7 January 2012

'Mock Up' time

Today, I spent the whole day over at the premises. I knew I would be there a while as I wanted time to have a 'mock up' of my stand display, in preparation for Top Drawer Trade Show next week in London. I cleared all the furniture to one side, measured out my 4m x 1.5m space and started to move things into place.

It quickly became evident that the ideas I had in my head, wouldn't fit into the available space. I have had to make the decision to leave my lovely dresser behind but managed to cobble together some other bits and pieces that fit in well with scheme. Fingers crossed it will all now fit into the car on Friday.

Luckily I had all the boxes wrapped from my photo shoot for the catalogue and I had packed away from the last show sensibly so most things were to hand. I still have more to do but another day should see it finished, packed away and ready to go!


Unknown said...

You are very well prepared Becky - there are still 5 full days until Friday. What on earth will you do in the other four!!? (joke)x Gabs

Pene said...

Better to find out now it doesn't fit then when you get there! I always try and do a mock up before I do craft fairs it saves stress on the day. I'm sure it'll all be great on the day

Jan May said...

The colours look fab, and very striking. Bound to attract lots of visitors. Good luck with the show.

Unknown said...

It will love totally perfect. Kx

Vintage from the Village said...

Looks great. Just saw some of your mugs in a shop in Salcombe South Devon. Said to husband- ooh look Dots and Spots !
Good luck with the show
Sue x

Polly Dolly said...

Its going to look fab!!

Amanda said...

It all looks great! good luck at the show! (not that you'll need it!)