Monday 16 April 2012

A bit of a catch up!

The Easter holidays are over, the children have gone back to school so it's time to take stock of how little I managed to do over the holidays and what needs doing in the coming weeks.

The new home, Ikea 'PAX' storage is complete - I just need to bring some more dots and spots goodies over from the unit and then it will be full and ready for orders.

So today it was time to head over to the unit, child free, to take stock of the chaos I left 2 weeks ago. I have been dipping in and out to make up orders but have tried to have a complete break. We have now taken over the premises next door too, a doorway has been knocked through but there is too much in the way at the moment. So today we moved the swan

along the corridor and
into next door.

Where it is now ready to work on.

I have been experimenting with different papers - if truth be told it's proving to be a bit of a nightmare finding a paper that won't fade in the sun, get damaged in the rain, will be thin enough to be workable at the design stage and durable for 3 months outside in all weathers and no doubt a lot of human touch. We are advised on a varnish - up to 7 coats needed but it has yet to arrive.

It's a little frustrating as I'm itching to get started and had given myself this week to really get stuck in but there is no point racing ahead when things aren't totally right so I'm being patient and waiting for further instruction from my fabulous Printers.

Instead today, I started to move some of my clutter into the extra bit of the unit and left Jeff putting up a curtain across the new opening in an attempt to limit the draughts. I'm not moving everything completely until July when Jeff next breaks up for the Summer - there is far too much to do before then.

I predict a busy few months ahead of me!


KC'sCourt! said...

I Love the Red Dots on Blue very smart. I am going to try and get to Wells this year to see them.
Julie xxxxxxxx

caroline • little paper gallery said...

I like the spotty paper too! Becky - I'm painting a cow this year for Guernsey and was told the name of a couple of good varnishes that proved successful last year. I'll find out the name for you if you like.

dots and spots said...

That would be great Caroline - the varnish they suggested originally they now can't get and am now waiting for a replacement - I have been advised of Black Friars UV, waterproof varnish but out of stock - sending OH out on a hunt for some