Friday, 4 December 2020

3 Fridays to Christmas!!

Can't quite believe that it's just three more Fridays to Christmas!!

I've stopped procrastinating and written my cards....

.... finished them off today and even got them in the post!

I've made a start on wrapping, although I must say, 
I've not much to wrap this year!

This morning I got up early and did some baking.

And I've changed the bedding to be a little more festive.

The Christmas tops are now being rotated daily, even when I'm not at work!

And this week, Lockdown Round Two ended! 
We're in Tier two here in Somerset, which sadly means we can't meet others indoors, 
so no belated birthday meal with a friends or my sister yet!

As you know, I've spent lockdown getting outside in the fresh air, walking as much as I could. All within a 5 mile radius of the house. Was conscious of not making non essential journeys but once lockdown was lifted, I did feel I could justify a drive over to my favourite place....

....Stockhill Woods.

It's not even that far from home but it felt wrong to make that journey, 
when we as a country were supposed to be in lockdown.

I have only recently discovered it and I have a few other places I now what to explore too. Shame it's just a bit too busy at home at the moment, with all the Christmas prep, less time to go adventuring!

It's the perfect place to practice my photography.

Spotify's 2020 Wrapped Up landed this week. I use Spotify the least out of everyone at home, as I still like to listen to CD's in the car but wasn't surprised by my top band and we only went and got tickets to see them play in October 2021 (all being well by then!)

Anyway time to go and put the kettle on. Coffee for sure will be the main thing to get me through the next few weeks. I'm doing extra at work, plus all the Christmas prep. We're probably one of the few households this year, to not have put up our tree yet - next weekend, as we always do!!

Have a good week x

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