Saturday, 26 December 2020

Christmas x

Hope you all had a FAB-YULE-OUS Christmas x

Obviously due to Covid and Tier restrictions, Christmas for many will have felt very different this year. Be it having lost loved ones, not being allowed to travel, restrictions due to the rules, self isolating.... For us, we were lucky, our plans haven't changed. For the last few years now we have spent Christmas Day just the four of us. Yes we have missed the big family gatherings, lunches, meet ups before and after the big day but Christmas Day has been as planned.

However Christmas Eve didn't start off as planned, with a box of beer being dropped from a height, smashed glass all over the kitchen floor. So an unscheduled steam mop to stop it smelling like a brewery and numerous rounds of hoovering to ensure all the glass got picked up!!

Once sorted, Jeff, Sophie and I headed over to Shapwick Nature Reserve for a walk. Sam was working his last Christmas shift at Sainsbury's. It was a beautiful blue sky day, a chill in the air, perfect x

Following tradition, we all sat round the table late afternoon, listening to carols, 
doing all the Christmas veg prep.

With the table all set and ready, we were just waiting.....

....for the worker to return home.
Christmas could now properly begin!

Because Sam worked all day, I did allow him to spend the evening on his computer with friends, rather than have to sit in the sitting room with us all evening, watching a film. Gave Sophie and I a chance to watch Miracle on 34th Street. We seriously have run out of film watching time this year!

So the big day arrived! No mountain of presents under the tree, 
instead our new tradition Breakfast Bags!

A really lovely chilled morning, breakfast rendezvous at 9am. 
A few rounds of presents, factime with Mum and Dad and then lunch prep!

Ready and waiting for the main event - lunch!

Delicious turkey dinner for lunch but a new pud, so we could all eat the same, salted caramel chocolate sponge pud from Sainsbury's! A few more rounds of presents and the Queens speech with coffee and mints, after all the washing up was done and cleared away.

A lovely facetime with Granny.
It was lovely to see her albeit briefly and via the wonders of technology x

Will do a separate post on the breakfast bags just in case anyone is interested, plus it'll be a good reminder to me next year, when I look back through my blog to see what we did!!

The evening was spent eating leftovers, drinking, eating some more, watching Hercules on Disney+, the film of choice and just relaxing - a lovely family day just the four of us!

Merry Christmas x


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