Saturday, 12 December 2020

Two Fridays to Christmas

Just two more Fridays and it will be....

The tree has gone up!

With Sophie's help and a few festive tunes!

The little tree in the sitting room too.

I've done a bit of overtime this week, so the festive decorating has been done in stages. The main tree and one set of lights got done on Monday before work. The second set of lights went up on Tuesday after work and then on Wednesday after work, we decorated the tree. 
The sitting room got my full attention on the Thursday! 

Old bits, new bits, Christmas wouldn't be the same without bits!!

Not too cluttered!

The old Christmas cards came out too. A tradition dating back to my first Christmases with Jeff and my envy at his Mum's Christmas card selection. I keep old Christmas cards and every year display them, just like treasured decorations. When I first met Jeff and went to his house for Christmas, I was really envious of the lovely cards his mum had up. It was only after a couple of years, I realised she just displayed her favourite cards year after year. We joke whether the card we send to each other every year, will be a 'keeper' and make the cut of a forever card x

I cluster them together - always puds in the kitchen....

a mix of FC, HoHoHo and Merry Christmas on the kitchen shelf.....

robins on the bookcase.....

trees on the fireplace.

And of course, we do all this wearing our Christmas jumpers!

Are you feeling festive yet?

I'm getting there x

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