Saturday, 5 December 2020

Day Trippers

So this morning we got up early and headed down to Cornwall for the day. Jeff is still working but Sam had the day off and as he's Granny's FAVOURITE 'her Sam' as she calls him, we put a bow around him and gave him to granny for a couple of hours, as her early Christmas present!!

We remained socially distanced, a good 2m away, wore masks, windows open... was lovely to see her, looking so well too, after a recent stay in hospital due to a fall. 
I wish more than anything I could have given her a big hug but seeing her was lovely.

We stopped off at Portreath to see the sea, get my fix!!

Boy was it blowy!!

Reminds me of the days when you got to Granny's house and couldn't even open the car door as the winds were so strong. Certainly blew the cobwebs away.

We then met up with Mum and Dad, did the present swap! 
Sadly that's my Christmas celebrations done with my side of the family. We prove far too greater risk to them all, to spend more time with them over Christmas, bubbles or no bubbles. So for this year that's my Merry Christmas, hoping to get in another visit before the inevitable next lockdown, after the festive five day madness is over come January!

Sam drove home, plenty of tunes ringing out... 

....and the most incredible sunset after a wet and blustery day.

Day complete with a pasty for tea!
A good day xx


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